Quill Energy has focus on innovation and specialty care, we have the ambition to build a robust, valuable and sustainable portfolio of innovative utility to meet our customer’s needs.  

Smart cellular Water & BTU add-on with valve

Easy to install on all Water and BTU meters. No need to replace meter to achieve smart meter futures, Smart cellular unit is easily installed over original meter in less than 10 minutes. Smart Metering Solution provides many benefits to both developers and end users, including guaranteed revenue, debt collection, extensive management tools through detailed report functionality and the ability for customers to manage their budgets more efficiently.

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Integrated Management Platform - IMP

World-class system with the ability to integrate electrical, water and BTU meters under one umbrella. Management of multiple facilities owned by the same developer on the same screen. System is capable of easily controlling each unit, extract reports (payments, consumption..), forecast and integration with payment gates.

Leading the market with introduction of end-user interface and phone application is revolution for tomorrow. Customers now can access online live data, historical consumption graphs and most importantly the ability to recharge/pay-bills with a touch of a button without leaving the house.

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