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Mining Sector

Quill Energy provides a comprehensive multi-technical service to the mining and metals, governmental, legal and financial sectors with leading consultants in the following key areas:

  • Geology survey and sampling test

  • Exploration, Geology and Mineral Resource Estimation

  • Agreement review and negotiation support

  • Process and added value feasibility

  • Logistics and exportation

  • Market study

  • Mining Geotechnics Underground & Geochemistry

  • Hydrogeology and Water Management

  • Mining Engineering and Ore Reserve Estimation

  • Minerals Processing and Beneficiation

  • Environmental and Social Management

  • Financial Modelling and Mineral Asset Valuations

  • Risk/Opportunity Assessment and Management

  • Technical Due Diligence


Quill Energy has gained its experience through extensive study of mining protocol overseas, with a team that are key influence on paving government regulations and laws. With intensive knowledge in operations of extracting minerals from surface, underground and high wall mines.


Our scope covers the full supply chain. The Company is focused on delivering practical solutions and has a policy of resourcing projects by providing an experienced team of engineers and scientists available to meet the requirements of the individual project.

Through our exponential partners and database we offer local and international trading and export of various minerals. Our products are of highest quality and certified products with no compromise. Quill Energy also follows its internal code of ethics and only operates with suppliers that abide with all environmental and health regulations and humanity ethics. 

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