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Petroleum  Sector

Major expertise with proven track record of establishing and managing one of the biggest oil & gas distribution companies across one of MENA’s largest countries that was later acquired by a private equity firm to represent their energy arm. Quill Energy has the capability to build the gas infrastructure of cities and interconnect users from residential to industrial abiding by the international specifications and safety standards.


In addition to our development capabilities, we preform advisory for governments to formulate their legislation for interested developers in acquiring gas concessions. This enables governments to improvise their network, services and retain gains without cutting from their own budget.

Exploration, Development, production (UP stream Activities)

  1. Providing geophysical advisory and consultancy services for the reduction of exploration and development risk by the proper application of geophysical technology and expertise and geophysicists have the experience to your company’s and to reduce costs, reduce risks and improve profitably. by optimizing exploration and development program, and reducing associated risk.

  2. Advanced Technical and Economic Assessment of oil &  gas reservoir and potential in the Basin

  3. Advanced Resources’ Experience in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  4. Technical Oil Recovery Potential From Residual Oil Zones Permian Basin

  5. Using “Next Generation” CO2-EOR Technologies To Optimize The Residual Oil Zone CO2 Flood Techniques

Refineries, Pipelines, distribution  (Down stream Activities)

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