Integrated Management Platform - IMP

Smart Cellular unit

Integrated Management Platform - IMP

Manage all your utilities at once

World-class system with the ability to integrate electrical, water, gas and heat meters under one umbrella. Management of multiple facilities owned by the same developer on the same screen. System is capable of easily controlling each unit, extract reports (payments, consumption..), forecast and integration with payment gates.

Client interface

Leading the market with introduction of end-user interface and phone application is revolution for tomorrow. Customers now can access online live data, historical consumption graphs and most importantly the ability to recharge/pay-bills with a touch of a button without leaving the house.

Facility management  benefits

Controlling and managing. Valve control. Payments. Alarm and notification. Reports.


Meter Units

Electrical meter

Energy meters that are custom to the client's requirements meeting the highest international standards of European operators. With the option to choose between digital, pre-paid, smart and new generation smart pre-paid meter. Enabling the operator to communicate with the meter through PLC, RF, RS 485, M-Bus and GPRS. Giving your client the ultimate experience to monitor and top-up through various channels.

Water meter

Reliable water meters with long-life is essential to guarantee your investments. Our water meters are severely tested against aging and failure. Introducing new state of the art pre-paid meters with optional communication through concentrator or through your energy meter, enabling monitoring and controlling with minimal investment and enriching operation monitor.

Cooling meter (BTU - District cooling)

Cooling meters with high precision and accuracy required for commercial assets. Providing all sizes up-till big mega spaces with inlets of over DN 250, with optional M-Bus for BMS integration. Quill Energy is also the first and only to introduce pre-paid cooling meters in the market which helps operators.