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Prepaid IC-card energy meter QE110

Quill Energy prepaid meter QE110
QE110 Side.png

Prepaid energy meter with IC-card is the best way to go when you need an accurate meter and pay as you go. Configurable through the IC-card to send new tariff, holiday or friendly hours, maximum load configuration and many more.

Market highest quality prepaid meter with no compromise.


Electricity bill prepaid postpaid.gif

Postpaid / Prepaid

Convert meter payment mode at anytime during operation



Tamper detection and alarm for any attempt of theft

Step-up tariff multi-tier

Tariff multi-tier

Supports up-to 10 steep tariff tier and customer service tariff

myQuill app Quill Energy.jpg

myQuill App

Integrates with app for instant readings, debt and payments

Quill Energy smar IC card NFC.gif

Smart IC-card

IC smart card with NFC for smartphone app.

Energy management Quill Energy.gif

Maximum load

Set automatic disconnect  for exceeding max load capacity 



LCD 8-character in Arabic with back-light

Meter accuracy.png

High accuracy

Very accuracy meter with

class 0.5 for active energy



○ Compliance with IEC and EN standard:

IEC 62053-21 / IEC62053-23 / IEC 62052-11 /  IEC 62055-31

○ Connection type: 1P2W DT

○ Accuracy: Class 0.5


○ Nominal voltage(Un): 220V

○ Operating range: 0.7 to 1.2 (Un)

○ Power consumption:

Voltage circuit ≤ 2W, 10VA

○ Current circuit: ≤ 6 VA


○ 10(80)A


○ 50Hz (± 5%)

Real-Time Clock (RTC)

○ Accuracy within 0.5 seconds per day at 23°C

LCD Display

○ 8 characters of 7 segment display

○ Digital size: 4mm x 8.2mm

○ LCD display available without main power

○ Programmable display items

○ With backlight

LED Display

○ Active pulse LED (1600)

○ Alarm LED

○ Credit LED

○ Buzzer for low/no money


○ Battery easily replicable

○ Voltage: 3.6V

○ Backup time: 15 years with power

Measured Values

○ Active Energy (kWh)

○ Active Power (kW)

○ Instantaneous Irms, Vrms, Frequency, Power Factor, Max power


○ 10 consumption step-tariff

○ 10 customer fee step-tariff

○ Flat-Rate & TOU


○ Two Relay: 90A

Event Logs

○Tampering detection, power quality and general events

Card property

○ Memory Capacity: 32 KB capacity

○ Read and write

○ Lifespan: 15 years

○ Compliance with IEC standard


○ Near-infrared communication  port: 9600 bps - IEC 62056-21


○ Operating range limit: -40°C to +75°C

○ Storage range limit: -40°C to +85°C

○ Relative humidity: ≤ 95%RH

○ Ingress protection: IP54

Dimensions and Weight

○ Dimensions: 190mm x   130mm x 65mm

○ Weight: 0.9 kg (Approx.)

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