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Smart medium energy meter - QE640

Medium Voltage Smart Energy Meter QE-640
Medium Voltage Smart Energy Meter QE-640

Smart medium energy meter can be used for industrial zones or in residential/commercial complexes to conduct energy management and detect losses. Remotely monitor and control the meter. QE640 accuracy is very high with an error of less than 0.00%, which ensures no wasted energy for the operator. 


Electricity bill prepaid postpaid.gif

MV tariff

Support medium voltage tariff, CS and maximum demand fee

Firmware remote update.gif

Firmware update

Remote firmware update in bulk with activation date

Communication module.png

Communication module

Plug and Play: GPRS, G3-PLC, RS485, RF

myQuill app Quill Energy.jpg

myQuill App

Integrates with app for instant readings, debt and payments

CT icon.png

CT/PT ratio

Current & Voltage transformer ratio connection configuration



International standard for utility meter data exchange

Remote communication.png

Remote communication

Send any configuration or retrieve data remotely



Standard Transfer Specification 

Highest token security



○ Compliance with IEC and EN standard:

IEC 62053-22 (Class 0.2 & 0.2s), IEC62053-23, EN 50470-1, EN 50470-3

○ Connection type: 3P4W CT/PT

○ Accuracy: Cl (0.2) for active – CL(2) for reactive


○ Nominal voltage: 3x63.5/110V

○ Operating range: 0.8Un to 1.2 Un

○ Power consumption: Voltage circuit ≤ 2W, 10VA

○ Current circuit ≤ 6 VA


○ 1(6)A


○ 50Hz (± 5%)

○ Real-Time Clock (RTC)

○ Accuracy within 0.2 seconds per day at 23°C

LCD Display

○ 8 characters of 7 segment display

○ Digital size: 4mm x 8.2mm

○ LCD display available without main power

○ Programmable display items

○ With backlight

LED Display

○ Active pulse LED (1000)

○ Alarm LED

○ Credit LED

○ Buzzer for low/no money


○ Battery easy replaced

○ Voltage: 3.6V

○ Backup time: 10 years with power

○ GPRS with supercapacitor

Measured Values

○ Active Energy (kWh) (Import/Export)

○ Active Power (kW) (Import/Export)

○ Instantaneous Irms, Vrms, Frequency, Power Factor, Max power


○ 10 consumption step-tariff

○ 10 customer fee step-tariff

○ Flat-Rate & TOU


○ Can connect with external relay

Event Logs

○ Tampering detection, power quality and general events

Load Profile Energy & Demand

○ Support max capture object

○ Capture interval 15, 30, 60 minute

○ Quadrant reactive energy

○ Load cycle every 15 min


○ Near-infrared communication 

port: IEC 62056-21 E mode

○ RS485 comm. port: 9600bps DLMS HDLC



○ Operating range limit: -40°C to +70°C

○ Storage range limit: -40°C to +80°C

○ Relative humidity: ≤ 95%RH

○ Ingress protection: IP54

Dimensions and Weight

○ Dimensions: 290mm x   170mm x 85mm

○ Weight: 2.2kg (Approx.)

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