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Smart Gas meter

Prepaid Gas meter Ready smart

Smart prepaid card gas meter is complaining with all EN standards and adapts high tech innovation to meet the modern day demands. Smart card allows meter to be recharged by customer through our mobile app from the convenient of their home. Through RS485 or optional plug-in GPRS modem the meter is ready at anytime to connect to our back-end AMR system. Allowing data collection and meter remote control.

Prepaid Gas meter Ready smart


Postpaid Prepaid water.png

Postpaid / Prepaid

Convert meter payment mode at anytime during operation



Tamper detection and alarm for any attempt of theft

Remote communication.png

Remote communication

Send any configuration or retrieve data remotely

Customer meters.jpg

myQuill App

Integrates with app for instant readings, debt and payments

Quill Energy smar IC card NFC.gif

Smart card

NFC card for remote recharge on myQuill app

Quill Energy Quality.png

EN certified

Internationally recognized 

EN 1359 / EN16314

Communication module.png

Communication module

Plug and Play: GPRS 4G,

LoRa or RF


Water resistance

Meter enclosure protects meter when full submerged


Communication mode
NFC card and RS485 port. GPRS optional.
Settlement mode
Prepaid / Postpaid
Power supply
3.6 V lithium battery
Working class
4pcs #5 Alkaline battery
Explosion class
ANTEX II 3 G Ex ic IIA T3 Gc
IP class
Valve type and durability
Built-in valve, durability >10,000 times
<93% RH
Operating temperature range
-10℃ - 40℃
Pressure loss
Max. Operating pressure
50kPa (500 mBar)
Accuracy class
Class 1.5
Flow rate
G1.6 / G2.5 / G6
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