Quill Energy group is a pioneer energy company that operates and develops projects in petroleum, utilities, mining and mineral exports with international partners, in addition to investing in projects, concessions, PPA and BOO agreements.

Utility arm operates and maintains electrical, water, district cooling and firefighting networks, focused on residential, commercial and industrial projects. 

Delivering unique metering products and Quill Energy's state of the art Integrated Management Platform - IMP for all utilities, enabling data analysis and professional interface for users.


Professionalism is our focus when it comes to operation and maintenance agreements ensuring a service that is unmatched. Focus on operating in utility field to ensure on providing complete spectrum by the same service provider.

Our team members are all considered to be our partners and that ensures to successes in their work.

Quality Products and R&D solutions

From a wide portfolio of products, we provide hardware and software options for utility industry.

Within our range we provide innovation and R&D products that are tailored to project and clients need.

Our main focus is providing a sustainable solution, quality and meets our modern world technology.

Development and Investment

Consultation on projects from pre-feasibility stage to advisory on development, construction, legislation and authorities handling. Quill Energy will be there throughout up until successful commissioning.

Quill Energy invests in projects and partners with its clients in others, on long-term basis in different sort of agreements.


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